Notice of Work: City Wide Lane Painting and Pavement Marking

City wide line painting and road marking work will begin on September 15 at 7:30 p.m. with priority on Johnston Road south of Thrift Avenue to Buena Vista. One of the most important aspects of a safe and efficient roadway is the uniform application of pavement markings to delineate specific traffic lanes and parking. Pavement markings communicate information to drivers, and provide continuous information to road users related to the roadway alignment, vehicle positioning, and other important driving related tasks.

The City has awarded Infinite Road Markings Ltd. the contract to refresh and update road lines and markings for the City of White Rock. The project is planned to take place in Fall/Winter of 2016 and will carry over to 2017. The contactor will minimize impacts to residents however these works will occur after hours for efficiency, quality and minimize disruptions.

City crew members will place delineators on parking stalls during the day on September 15. Vehicles parked on designated painting areas will result in courtesy towing of vehicles We appreciate your co-operation on this matter

We look forward to working with you to complete this project in a professional and timely manner. Should you require further information or have any questions regarding this project, please contact Hiep Lo at the Engineering Department at 604.541.2185.