White Rock's Bylaw Enforcement Officers Investigate Vicious Dog Attack Involving Pit Bull

The City of White Rock’s Bylaw Enforcement Officers are investigating an incident involving a pit bull attacking a small dog and its owner in the morning of August 20, 2016.

White Rock RCMP arrived on the scene to find the victim being transported to Peace Arch Hospital. The victim stated that the pit bull suddenly appeared from a nearby property and attacked her dog. This is when the victim covered her small dog, trying to protect it from the pit bull.

The victim, in her 70s, sustained serious injuries to her hand. She was taken to the hospital for treatment. Her small dog also sustained injuries, was taken to a vet hospital and kept overnight. Both the victim and her dog are recovering at home, however, the dog is being taken back to the vet today as the owner says the dog is still bleeding and in pain.

The City is actively investigating this incident and is considering taking serious action against the owner of the pit bull as well as the dog itself, which the City’s Bylaw Enforcement Officers have deemed to be aggressive.

“Aggressive behavior by dogs against people and other animals is a serious threat to public safety and will not be tolerated,” said Dan Bottrill, Chief Administration Officer for the City of White Rock.

“The City also recognizes that most dog owners are responsible dog owners and are vigilant when out with their dog in public, including our off-leash dog park, so it’s unfortunate that incident has occurred,” Bottrill went on to say.

To ensure the public’s safety, the City urges owners of breeds with aggressive tendencies to be vigilant and keep their dogs on leashes at all times and extra cautious if using an off-leash dog park or trail.