City Completes New Merklin Reservoir and Pumping Station

The City of White Rock has completed the construction of the new Merklin Reservoir and pumping station. The construction of the Merklin Reservoir provides additional water storage of 1.40 million litres, and, coupled with the completion of the Oxford Reservoir, this reservoir brings the total water storage capacity for the City of White Rock to 6.05 ML. In only 18 months of owning the water utility, the City has increased water storage capacity by 33%. The increased capacity and the seismic upgrades completed at this site provide more sustainability to our water infrastructure.

On April 19, 2017, Mayor and Council, City Staff, and others who worked towards completing this milestone gathered at the Merklin Reservoir Site for the grand opening of the reservoir and pumping station. Two plaques were also unveiled. One plaque commemorates the acquisition of Water Utility in October 2015, and the second plaque commemorates the completion of the Merklin Reservoir and pumping station.

Council cuts the ribbon at the Merklin Reservoir and pumping station. 
(L to R: Councillors Lawrence, Sinclair, Mayor Baldwin, Councillors Fathers and Chesney)

Mayor Baldwin and Councillor Lawrence unveil the new plaque commemorating the acquisition of the water utility. 

Council stands with the two new commemorative plaques.
(L to R: Councillors Sinclair, Lawrence, Mayor Baldwin, Councillors Fathers and Chesney)