Host a Rider at the 2017 Tour de White Rock

Enhance your enjoyment of the Tour de White Rock by volunteering to host riders!

For many cyclists, their trip to the White Rock area will be made possible by the generosity and hospitality of a local family. Being a host family is a great opportunity to see inside the world of competitive cycling. In addition, you will have someone to root for at the races. Many hosts and riders develop lasting friendships and will look forward to each July when they can get re-acquainted.

Hosting is easy. There are only three requirements:

  1. You need to provide the riders a place to sleep (an air mattress will work!)
  2. The riders need access to a shower
  3. The riders need a garage or other enclosed space to store their bicycles 

Hosts are not responsible for providing meals or transportation, although riders will appreciate permission to store items in a refrigerator and access to kitchen appliances.

If you are interested, please contact or visit for more information.