Say Hello to Refreshed Lines and Road Markings!

We’re in the final stages of our City-wide line painting program. The safety of residents and visitors is of the utmost importance to the City of White Rock, which is why we have been working to repaint centerlines, crosswalks, and other road markings throughout the City, as communicated in the fall. We are excited to complete this project by the end of May, as it greatly improves road and pedestrian safety, and refreshes the look of our streets. 

One of the most important aspects of a safe and efficient roadway is the uniform application of pavement markings to delineate specific traffic lanes and parking. Pavement markings communicate information to drivers and provide continuous information to road users related to the roadway alignment, vehicle positioning, and other important driving-related tasks.

The work is completed throughout the night as this gives the paint time to dry before the morning commute. The noise impact should be minimal and brief as the paint trucks are continuously moving, but we appreciate your understanding and patience as we complete this important project.