Snow and Ice Clearing, Road Closures and More

Winter Wonderland is clearly upon us. Again. As you may recall, we started off 2017 with a lot of snow. Looks like we are wrapping up 2017 with more snow! 

The City of White Rock crews are out salting and clearing up priority locations. To make the most of the available resources, our priority locations for snow and ice removal are:

  • Major roads
  • Bus routes
  • Emergency access routes (including Peace Arch Hospital)

Below is the City's Snow Control Map showing priority routes. Click on the map to see an enlarged version or click here for the PDF. 


Due to the winter weather conditions, and your safety, there will likely be road closures. Please note that road closures during a snowfall are put in place for your safety. These closures are often due to the steep and slippery conditions of the road. Please respect the closures and do not attempt to drive through these roads.

Additional Information: