Noise Bylaw Extension - Notice to Residences

Johnston Road Project Update

Noise Bylaw Extension - Notice to Residences

Thank you for your patience during the Johnston Road project.

CLCS (Canadian Landscaping and Civil Services LTD.)  will be installing approximately 35m of storm sewer and 50m of watermain at the intersection of North Bluff Road and Johnston Road, and service connections to the adjacent buildings and properties. To minimize impacts and reduce the number of work days at the North Bluff and Johnston Road intersection, CLCS will be extending their work hours from 5AM to 7PM starting July 16 through July 20, 2018.  Due to the complexity of the work, additional extensions may be necessary to complete the underground storm sewer and watermain installations.

Scope of work:

The work includes the following:

  • Excavation, removal and disposal of asphalt and fill
  • Installation of storm sewer and watermain
  • Backfill, compaction, and asphalt paving
  • Line painting and reinstatement of traffic signals timers

CLCS will detour traffic and manually control the intersection using flag persons during the day. The traffic signal operation will resume at the end of the work shift daily. Access to intersection and businesses will remain open.

Noise Mitigation:

To mitigate noise impacts, CLCS will reduce the volume of travel alarms of heavy machinery, utilize 4 stroke power tools which have lower volumes, and refrain from loud activities before 7:00 am unless essential to critical path.

Thank you,

Engineering and Operations
City of White Rock