Updated, May 10: Statement Regarding Orange Coloured Outflow into the Bay

The City of White Rock has been working with the Ministry of Environment and the Fraser Health Authority regarding the orange coloured outflow incident which occurred on Monday, May 8. The Canadian Coast Guard also responded to the scene on May 8, assessed the Anderson Outflow and ruled out the presence of hydrocarbons. Lab results show that the orange colour was caused by elevated levels of iron, and based on these results, the Ministry of Environment has confirmed that there was no danger to aquatic life or harmful impact on the environment.

The City of White Rock is still investigating potential sources of the release of the rusty water.

9:30 am Update

This morning City crews responded to an orange coloured outflow into the bay, via the Anderson Street Outflow. This is an occurrence that has happened in the past, typically around this time of the year. Previous experience shows that it is organic material.

City crews have taken test samples to confirm that this is similar to previous occurrences. The results should be in later this week or early next week. 

Please refer pack to this page as once the test results are in, we will provide another update.