In what parts of the City can I operate my business?

Land use activities, including the operation of business and non-profit organizations, is further regulated by White Rock Zoning Bylaw, 2012, No. 2000 (the “Zoning Bylaw”) (PDF). Depending on the zoning of the proposed location, your business may or may not be permitted.

To determine whether your type of business is permitted in the area you have chosen, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Use Schedule C - Zoning Map (PDF) of the Zoning Bylaw, or White Rock's Online Mapping System, to determine what the zoning of your property is.
  2. Once you’ve determined the zoning of your property, review the applicable zoning - and its list of permitted uses - in Section 6.0 - General Zones and Section 7.0 - Comprehensive Development Zones
  3. All italicized words in the Zoning Bylaw (PDF) have a definition in Section 3.3 - Definitions. Please review these definitions to understand whether your use would be permitted.
  4. Certain uses are further regulated by use-specific provisions in Section 5.0 of the Zoning Bylaw (PDF).

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to email the Planning Department or call 604-541-2136.

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