How does the City enforce compliance?

Like all other local governments, the City of White Rock uses a 'complaint-based' bylaw enforcement process. This means that almost all investigations result from community complaints. This system gives priority to these bylaw infractions of greatest concern to White Rock citizens.

While there are numerous methods of enforcement available to the City of White Rock, enforcement typically occurs through the following means:

  • Issuance of Ticket / Fine: If voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, or is not occurring, Bylaw Enforcement may write tickets and issue fines to the offending party.
  • Legal Action: If compliance cannot be achieved through voluntary means, or through the issuance of tickets or fines, then the City may proceed with legal action.
  • Voluntary Compliance: Bylaw Enforcement Officers will always attempt to achieve compliance with the offending party through voluntary means. Staff may also prepare a compliance plan with the offending party to accommodate unusual circumstances, giving the offending party extra time to comply with City regulations.

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