How is this building different from other homes?

A high rise is different in the following ways:

  • An apartment or high-rise fire is no cause for panic. If you plan ahead and practice fire drills, your chances of survival are greatly increased
  • Ensure your building has fire safety plans, including floor plans and evacuation procedures. Fire safety plans should be posted and visible. If they are not, contact the landlord or building manager. Take the time to review and learn your building's fire safety plan
  • Fire safety is everyone's responsibility. Every resident should plan to be fire safe
  • Since most high-rise buildings re constructed of fire resistant materials and contain enclosed stairwells, fires are generally confined to individual rooms or apartments, furnishings or possibly one floor
  • Stairwell doors are fire doors that must be closed at all times to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and poisonous gases
  • Wood frame buildings up to four stories in height have enclosed stairwells, used to escape the building in case of a fire

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2. How is this building different from other homes?
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