How do I escape from the fire?

Use the following tips tp safely escape a fire:

  • Check doors before opening them. Stay low behind the door, reach up and feel the door and the door handle for heat. If the door feels cool, brace yourself against it and open it slowly. If safe, leave the building and go directly to your meeting place. If you encounter smoke, crawl low under the smoke. Cleaner air is down low near the floor
  • Get out quickly and safely
  • If an announcement can be heard over your buildings public address system, listen carefully and follow directions
  • If the door feels warm, or if you see smoke of flames on the other side of the door, shut the door and stay in your apartment. Protect yourself by sealing the openings around the door and vents with bedding or towels. Call the fire department of 911 to notify them of your location
  • If there is no smoke outside a window, open it and signal for help. Never go to the roof as you may become trapped with no means of escape or protection
  • Never use elevators in a fire! Use the stairways and close all doors behind you to slow the spread of fire and smoke
  • Once you are out of the building go directly to your planned meeting place. Do not re-enter the building. Ensure 911 has been called

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