Is there anything else I need to know ?

There are a few things about fire safety in a high rise all residents should know:

  • Be careful with smoking materials. Large, deep, sturdy ashtrays are best. Soak smoking materials with water before discarding. Check furniture and cushions for dropped matches and cigarettes. Never smoke in bed. Smokers must remember that alcohol and medications can make you less alert.
  • Do not store flammable liquids (gasoline) or compressed gases (propane) in your building, car or storage locker.
  • Do not use balconies for storage. This can block a means of escape, as well as become a target for arsonists.
  • Do not use underground parkade stall for storage of anything other than a vehicle.
  • Keep matches and lighters high on a shelf or in a cupboard where children can't get them.
  • Keep space heaters at least 1 meter (3 feet) from combustibles.
  • Never leave cooking food unattended. If a pan catches on fire, use the pot holder or oven mitt and slide a lid or cookie sheet over the flames and turn off the burner.
  • Replace worn or damaged electrical cords. Do not overload electrical outlets. Us an approved power bar/electrical receptacle for additional electrical cords.

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