What should I do if I have a fire?

In the event you have a fire, use the following tips:

  • If the door feels cool - brace yourself against it and open it slowly. If safe, leave the building and go directly to your meeting place
  • If the door feels warm or if you see smoke or flames on the other side, shut the door and use your second exit. If you re trapped, seal the openings around the door and vents with wet bedding or towels. Call the fire department using 911 to notify them of your location. Open a window and signal for help.
  • If you encounter smoke, crawl low under the smoke. Cleaner air is down low near the floor. Once you are out of the building go directly to your plann3ed meeting place or go to a neighbour's house and call the fire department. Do not re-enter the building.
  • Open up. Make sure that you are able to open all doors and windows in your home. Locks and pins should open easily from inside. If you have security bars on doors or windows they should have quick-release mechanisms inside so that they can be opened easily. These mechanisms won't compromise your security but they will enable you to open the window from inside in the event of a fire. Check to be sure that windows haven't been sealed shut with paint or nails.
  • When the smoke alarm sounds - check the door. Stay low behind the door, reach up and feel the door and door handle for heat.

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