What happens if property taxes go unpaid?

The City's Tax Bylaw requires a 5% penalty be imposed on any current property taxes that remain outstanding after the July due date and again after August 15th. This bylaw does not give the City authority to waive late penalty charges and is applied consistently to all taxpayers. If the completed Home Owner Grant application and/or Tax Deferment application are not received by the due dates, the amounts will be considered unpaid taxes and all penalties will apply.

Failure of an intermediary such as a bank, Canada Post, a lawyer or notary to remit a payment or a grant application on behalf of an owner is a private matter for resolution between the parties involved and is outside the Tax Collector's authority and responsibility.

If property taxes are not paid by the end of the year, the outstanding balance will accrue interest at a rate set four times a year by the Province. If taxes remain unpaid at the end of three years, the property is publicly auctioned at Tax Sale to recover the taxes owing.

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