Why is my tax increase higher than the Council approved rate?

Council approves the general levy for the entire City's budget, but that doesn't mean you will see that same percentage change on your tax notice. Many factors influence the taxes on a given property making it different from the overall percentage approved by Council and reported to the media.

If every property value assessment in the City increased or decreased by exactly the same amount every year, the increase in your general levy would be comparable to the rate approved by Council. In reality, each year some assessments go up more (or less) than the average and some may go down even if the net average is an increase. If BC Assessment reports the average residential assessment increased by 10%, but your own assessment went up 20%, it is likely that your taxes will go up by more than the increase amount passed by Council. This does not indicate that your taxes are going up 20%.

Differences in assessed values are not the only variable though. Another factor is that the City of White Rock collects taxes on behalf of other groups (Schools, Translink, BC Assessment, the Regional District and the Municipal Finance Authority). These organizations develop their own budgets outside of the City's control. The rate passed by Council is only for the General Municipal Tax line that appears on your notice.

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