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Financial Services

  1. Arts & Culture Event Grant Application
  2. Property Tax Pre-Authorized Withdrawal Change Request

    Request form for changing Property Tax monthly instalment amount

  3. Property Tax Refund Request
  4. Request for Recycling Containers, Green Can Waste Stickers or Extra Garbage Pickup Stickers

    Request for blue and red recycling boxes as well as yellow bags.

  1. General Grants-in-Aid Application
  2. Property Tax Pre-Authorized Withdrawal or Water Utility Auto-Debit Cancellation Request

    Request form for cancelling Property Tax monthly instalments or Water Utility auto-debits.

  3. Request for Parking Decals or Resident Parking Permits

    Application for Residential Parking Decals, Permits, One Day Event - Residential Parking Permits and Centennial Arena Parking Decals

  4. Utility Special Reading Request

Mayor & Council

  1. Delegation Form
  2. Request a Milestone Letter from the Mayor
  1. Invite the Mayor to Speak at an Event

    Throughout the year, many groups invite Mayor Walker to attend and/or speak at their event. By filling out this form, City staff can... More…

Recreation and Culture

  1. Event Marketing Questionnaire

    Welcome, this questionnaire is intended to provide us with details about your event so that we can better aid in it's promotion to make... More…

  2. WhiteRockREG Contact Form

    Please fill out the form below describing the issue(s) you are having and we will contact you and answer any concerns you may have.

  1. Facility Request