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2021 Arts & Culture Event Grant Application


  1. 1. Description & Objectives
  2. 2. Identification of Applicant
  3. 3. Event Information
  4. 4. Financial Information
  5. 5. Arts & Culture Event Grant History
  6. 6. Certification
  • Description & Objectives

    1. The City offers funding to support and develop arts and culture events. The funding is not intended to provide continuing event support to organizations. The program is intended to encourage the development of event capacity, organization efficiency and best practices.
    2. Application Submission Information
      • The submission deadline is February 1, 2021. Applicants can be expected to be notified in April.
    3. Required Information
      • A budget for your project will be required to be uploaded as part of the application process. You will not be able to submit the application without a budget. Informal budgets will be considered if no formal budget is available.
      • A project description will be required to be uploaded as part of the application process. In the description please include: event summary, artistic merit of the event, how City funds will be used. You will not be able to submit the application without a project description.
    4. Eligibility Criteria
      The following criteria are for organizations applying for the additional arts and cultural event fund.
      • The event must occur in the City of White Rock.
      • The event must showcase local area artists, be inclusive, accessible and welcoming to the public.
      • Applicants must be an arts and cultural organization registered and in good standing as a non-profit society in the province of British Columbia.
      • Applicants from organizations that have received an Arts and Culture Event grant in aid previously must demonstrate that the current project is different from the activity which received the previous grant in aid.
      • Applicants may not apply for a General grant in aid and an Arts and Culture Event grant in aid for the same project.
      • Preference will be given to new events that address gaps in the existing event calendar and have the potential to become major arts and culture events. A new event is defined as an event that has not previously existed and is occurring for the first time. An event that is part of an ongoing series or part of the core programming of an organization is not considered new.
      • All grant recipients must submit a report to the Director of Financial Services disclosing the use of the grant funds on or before December 31. Recipients who do not submit a report will be ineligible to apply for a grant in the subsequent year.