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Appeals Form


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  • Violation Information

    1. Appeal Requirements

      • Appeals must be made within seven days of your Notice of By-Law Violation (ticket) issue date.
      • Please attach proof of parking payment or any other documentation supporting your appeal. DO NOT attach a copy of your Notice of By-Law Violation (ticket).
      • Please provide us with your particulars and reasons for your By-Law Violation appeal. A supervisor will review the By-Law Violation, the officer’s notes and your reasons for appeal. You can expect to be advised of the outcome within three to six weeks.

    2. To expedite the appeal process, please review the following reasons for appeals that will be denied

      Please do not submit an appeal for these reasons, you were:

      • Getting change for the meter or pay station
      • Paying for your restaurant bill
      • Waiting for a train to clear the tracks
      • Stopping to use a restroom
      • Not aware of the by-laws or failed to see the sign / hydrant

    3. If Applicable

    4. Do not attach a copy of your Notice of By-Law Violation (ticket)