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2021 Art Walk Application


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  • Art Walk Application

    1. Introduction to the White Rock Art Walk Program

      The Art Walk license is valid to December 31. Due to the current health restrictions, there are limited spaces this year.

      The program has been modified to ensure social distancing can be maintained. Until the Province moves into Step 4 of the Provincial Health Order, approved artists are assigned a location on the grass west of the Museum.

      Please complete this form and provide a digital link to photographs of at least 3 examples of your artwork for the jury to review. Please note that agents or representatives may not sign up or attend on behalf of an artist. All work must be the work of the permitted artist. The media are limited as follows: watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, pencil, ink, photographic, sculpture, and artist’s own prints and cards. Spray paint, newsprint, crafts are not permitted. All work is to be displayed on standard art easels or approved display stands and the top of paintings may not exceed 1.5m (5 ft) in height. Canopies (maximum 10’x10’) are permitted with proper weights.

       The Artist retains the full sales of their artwork sold during the Art Walk program. As the intent is to exhibit and demonstrate the process of producing art, artists are encouraged to do some on-site painting or drawing. The City reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time.

      Once approved and registered, artists agree to abide by the Art Walk Guidelines and Code of Conduct. 

    2. Selection Criteria
      1. Overall concept and project feasibility. 2. Quality of proposal: Innovative ideas, potential for creating excitement, pushing artistic limits. 3. Artistic merit and professional record of achievement. 4. Appropriateness of project for a temporary space. 5. How the project proposes to engage the neighbourhood.
    3. Applications Must Include

      1) Completed online application form 2) A link to a URL where we can view your work or 3) attach only up to three photographs of your work

      Applications will be reviewed, as they are received.