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Event Marketing Questionnaire

  1. 2015-10-28 City of White Rock Logo

  2. Please list dates as DD-MM-YEAR

  3. (please list according to date(s) above)

  4. Event Details

  5. Would you like the Mayor and Council to attend the event? *

  6. Is your event ticketed? *

  7. (please indicate if each day is a different price)

  8. Please provide a web site, email address or phone number)

  9. Contact person to respond to media and general public inquiries:

  10. Social Media

    Please list your social media accounts:

  11. Listed below is some information regarding the City's Social Media that you may want to note:

  12. Please tag the City @CityofWhiteRock in all social media for your event.

    Please use the hashtag #WhiteRockEvents so people can easily follow your event.

  13. Images & Graphics

  14. (A hi-res image is 300 dpi or greater, usually a large .jpg, .ai, .eps or PDF file)

  15. Please provide us with 6-10 hard copies of you event poster for distribution at our facilities.

    You can drop them off at Centennial Arena (14600 North Bluff Rd) Attention- Special Events.

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