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Public Art Artist Database Questionnaire

  1. Public Art and Placemaking Art Defined

    Public Art includes permanent artworks created by professional artists for identified and specific public spaces. Public Art projects require a broad understanding by the practitioner artist of elements beyond creative concepts and studio/gallery work, including engineering solutions for large scale installations and long-term maintenance planning.

    Placemaking Art includes purposeful artistic elements, not simply beautification, designed for the specific urban environment. The projects are purpose built and can leverage the more mundane aspects of urban design (e.g., bench, light stand, crosswalk). Placemaking Art projects requires collaboration. The participants can include the artists, private developers, the creative community and various civic departments. The creative ideas often emerge from public engagement and/or needed civic upgrades to public places (e.g., walkways, streetscapes, parks). 

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  3. Attention Artists

    If you are an artist not working in the public realm, please be sure to fill out ourArts and Culture Database Form here

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