• Crowd Watching Speech
  • Crowd Watching Presentation
  • Crowd Listening to Presenter
  • Citizens Talking at Workshop
  • Citizens Reading About West End
  • Citizens Offering Feedback
  • Citizens Listening to Speech
  • Citizens Listening to Feedback
  • Citizens Listening to a Speech
  • Woman Speaking During Workship
  • Woman Reading West End Poster
  • Woman Reading Waterfront Poster
  • Woman Making a Presentation
  • Woman Listening to Crowd Feedback
  • Woman Explaining Feedback
  • Roundtable Discussion
  • Notes on a Poster
  • Map of White Rock
  • Man Presenting to Citizens
  • Man Offering Feedback
  • Man Marking a Map
  • Man Making Presentation
  • Man Looking at West End Photo
  • Man Goes Over Presentation

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